Stolen Paradox

Session 44

Release the Kraken

The Kraken attacks!

Round 1
Jord moves into the water towards the kraken and swims, then sword (miss) (14/14) (commander strike Ruby arrow kraken [39/53]). LA kraken tentacle Jord (20, restrained). Kalenthor disintigrate (76/129). LA kraken fling jord 60ft, (18, prone). Kraken lightning storm Kalenthor, Floki, Cage (30). Floki reckless rage swim axe kraken (14/143) (14/157). LA kraken tentacle Floki (20, restrained). Lair increase water and push players into wall, water is electrical giving lightning vulnerability. Ruby hide arrow kraken (34/191). LA kraken fling Floki 60gt (9, prone). Cage misty step on top of kraken hammer 3rd level smite (37/228), pick 2nd level smite (21/249). LA kraken tentacle Cage (20, restrained). Laren mass cure wounds (23).

Round 2
Jord swim towards kraken. Kalenthor telekenesis Floki move 30 ft. Kraken fling Cage (18, prone) tentacle Jord (20, restrained) tentacle Kalenthor (20, restrained). Floki axe kraken (39/288). LA kraken fling Kalenthor (9, prone). Lair lightning explosion (20, 40 on vulnerable). Ruby arrow hide kraken (35/313). LA kraken fling Jord (9, prone). Cage swims towards kraken. LA kraken tentacle floki (20, restrained). Laren healing word kalenthor (9).

Round 3
Jord swim to kalenthor give potion to kalenthor. Kalenthor polymorph (saves). Kraken flings floki (18, prone), tentacle laren (20, restrained), fling laren (18, prone). Floki swim towards kraken. LA kraken lightning storm (25). Lair lightning explosion (20). Ruby arrow kraken crit (60/373, dead).

The group takes a rest to recover from the battle with the kraken before pressing forward to finding the path that will taken them to the drider called the Black Star with the kuo-toa. The group follows Laren and the spell into a cave network. Within the caves they found the body of a dead drow that had been slain and it carried a symbol of Zinzerena (short sword draped in a cloak).

Continuing to follow the spell, comes into a large cave with lots of stalagmites. The group then hears screaming that echoes within the cavern. The group moves deeper in where they find five bodies lying on the group in a star-like pattern. Up above at the ceiling within her webs is the Black Star in the middle of wrapping a drow body in a cocoon. Kalenthor announces that the group is here to stop her and then casts fireball.



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