Stolen Paradox

Session 45

The Black Star

From the ceiling of the massive cave, the Black Star descends upon the group from her web and attacks.

Round 1
Cage hammer bs 2nd level smite (34/34). Ruby hide arrow bs (30/64). LA BS summon sword Ruby (7). Floki reckless rage axe bs (24/88). BS drops to the ground bite cage (25) sword cage (20) sword cage (miss). MS bonus action floki (15). Jord sword bs (10/98) sword bs (10/108) sword bs (miss). Kalenthor fireball (16/124). Laren cure wounds Cage (14).

Round 2
Cage hammer bs 1st level smite (35/159) pick bs (14/173) hammer bs (miss). Ruby hide arrow bs (29/202). Floki axe bs (16/218) axe bs (19/237, drop/transform into swarm). BS Swarm Cage and Floki (30). Jord sword swarm (5/5) sword (5/10) sword (miss). Kalenthor confusion bs. Laren cure wounds floki (15).

Round 3
Cage hammer bs (miss) pick bs (miss) hammer bs (miss). Ruby hide arrow bs (18/28). Floki axe bs (12/40) axe bs (11/51). BS Swarm cage cage and floki (15,15). Jord sword (miss) sword (5/56) sword (miss). Kalenthor thunderwave (failed save pushed 40/96). Laren sacred flame (25/dead).

The group gives a sigh of relief as the Black Star. They meet with Bubbles and demand their reward. Bubbles says that he will take them to meet Blubnub. The group arrives back at the Glimmersea and then go to the water. They swim down and find an underwater structure that is about 50 feet in diameter. They enter a tunnel just before the bubble-like structre and swim down and across into the structure.

Blubnubernathal, an aboleth, welcomes the group. Bubbles explains what the group did to help and he thanks them. Then a women steps out from one of the pools. She is a elegant and beautiful looking drow with long white hair. She thanks the group for slaying the Black Star. She bestows a gift upon those wish it (Kalenthor, Ruby, and Jord) who gain full immunity to poison. Blubnub then tells the group that for defeating the kraken, he will allow them to choose a treasure from its horde. When the group looks it over, they find a Time Tear. Baffled, they take it and say thank you before leaving.

The group then discusses the problem of finding a Time Tear when they didn’t expect to find one. The believe that the Sarrukh must have stolen it and left it for the group to find. Unsure as to why, the group decides to head to -32DR to try and spring the trap. They also decide that in order to try and prevent the Sarrukh from tracking them via their life lines in the Plane of Time, they decide that they need to talk to the original human Chronomancer who resides in Netheril.



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