Stolen Paradox

Session 46

Spring the Trap

The group travels back in time to the year -32DR, Year of the Errant Arrows in hopes of springing the Sarrukh trap that has been set for them after they found a Time Tear when it wasn’t expected. It was decided they would go to where the next Time Tear was supposed to be and spring the trap and try and put an end to the Sarrukh involvement.

After the group travels back in time, they head to a forgotten Temple within The Shar. The temple was located within an area of rolling plains. The front of the entrance was lined with broken columns from an ancient time. The entrance was left open and dark.

Upon entering the temple, the group traveled down a short passageway that went down until it opened into a large chamber. It was approxiamtely sixty feet wide with limestone columns stretching down beyond their light. Along the center of the hallway on the stone tile floor was a groove roughly two inches deep.

After moving further into the large hall, they came upon a pedastal at the center of the hallway that looked like an alter of some kind. As they drew near, some of the group felt fearful of the area. Cage was able to determine that the alter was a focus of hallow ground and what they were feeling was part of a powerful spell.

As the group moved further down the hall, they came across a second alter 60 feet later. This one, however, silenced everything around it. Another 60 feet they found a third alter, this one giving a radiant feeling to everyone.

Beyond the third alter was the main temple room. At the center of a raised dias was a circular dish where the groove along the center of the floor started. Laren goes up and gets the Time Tear. There is one there when there isn’t supposed to be. Sarrukh then time jump into the room and attack.

Round 1
Laren casts sacrd flame at tsnake (failed) and moves off the dias. Cage hammer sak1 (13) pick sak1 (miss) hammer sak1 (9/22) action surge hammer sak1 (9/31) pick sak1 (7/38). Kalenthor casts wall of force to section off the bad guys from the group. Floki move to ksnake axe (18) axe ksnake (22/40). Jord sword ksnake (miss) sword ksnake (10/50) sword ksnake (13/63). Sak1 casts distingrate on the wall of force. Sak2, Sak3, Sak4 casts flame strike on the group. Ksnake bite floki (miss) tail (10). tsnake cage bite (miss) tail (miss). k2snake bite cage (32) tail (miss). msnake bite (miss) tail (10). fsnake laren bite (32) tail (miss). Ruby arrow tsnake (28).



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