Stolen Paradox

Session 47

In The Nick of Time

The group continues their battle against the Sarrukh.

Round 2
Laren mass cure (16). Cage sak1 hammer (miss) pick (miss) hammer (miss). Kalenthor fireball on tsnake, ksnake, sak3, sak4 (44). Floki ksnake axe (21) ksnake axe (20). Jord ksnake2 sword (13) sword (9). Sarrukh disintegrate on Cage, Floki, Jord (all save) blight on Kalenthor (countered). Snakes bite Cage (10+21) bite Floki (miss) bite Kalenthor (miss). Ruby hide arrow ksnake2 (dies).

Round 3
Laren mass cure (18). Cage sak1 hammer 2nd level smite (26) pick (8) hammer 1st level smite (dies). Kalenthor fireball on sak3, sak4, tsnake, ksnake2 (40). Floki provke (10+22) axe on ksnake2 (13) axe (56). Jord sword msnake (11) (9) (miss). Sarrukh blight on floki, jord (save) cage (fail, 51) and fireball on all (45). snakes bite cage (10+11) bite floki (miss) bite Laren (10+45) bite Kalenthor (miss). Ruby hide arrow sak3 (33).

Round 4
Laren death check (fail). Cage ksnake2 hammer (15) pick (12) hammer 1st level smite (14). Kalenthor greater healing potion on Laren (14). Floki sak4 axe (20) (19). Jord msnake sword (miss) (miss) (12). Sarrukh hold person cage, ruby, kalenthor, (all save) laren (failed). Cone of cold cage, ruby, kalenthor, laren, jord (countered). Snakes bite cage (10+11) bite jord (10+22) bite kalenthor (10+22). Ruby hide arrow tsnake (34).

Round 5
Laren paralyzed (failed). Cage tsnake hammer (miss) pick 3rd level smite (48) hammer (10). Kalenthor dimension door with Laren out of combat. Floki sak4 axe (13) axe (14). Jord msnake sword (10) (miss) (miss). Sarrukh sunbeam Floki (30 radiant). Snakes bite jord (10) (10). Ruby hide arrow fsnake (35).

Round 6
Laren paralyzed (failed). Cage msnake hammer (12) (miss) (miss). Kalenthor fireball sak2 (15, made concentration save). Floki sak2 axe (21, failed concentration) (15). Jord msnake sword (12) (11) (miss). Sarrukh blight floki (17). Snake bite cage (10+11) bite jord (10). Ruby move arrow hide fsnake (miss).

Round 7
Laren hold. Cage msnake hammer (8) (13) (10). Kalenthor dimenson door with Laren into combat. Laren mass cure (15). Floki sak2 axe (18) (17). Jord msnake sword (miss) (8) (9). Sarrukh explodes (60 radiant, Kalenthor dies). Snake bite cage (miss). Ruby arrow fsnake (44)

Cage uses lay on hands on Laren, who gets up and then casts Revivify on Kalenthor to raise him from the dead. The group gathers together and determines that their next destination is -339: The Year of the Sundered Webs. There they need to begin their search for Jeriah Chronos, the first human Chronomancer in hopes of stopping the Sarrukh threat.



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