Stolen Paradox

Session 49

Floki's Solo Adventure

Floki takes some ale and heads into the orc encampment. There he finds the horde, which is broken down roughly into three tribes with white, red, and blue war paint. Making his way up the mountain looking for the chieftains, Floki is a little awe inspired by the shear size of the horde. It is larger than any he has ever heard of before.

Ugmark Bloodreaver – White tribe
Barver Goresmasher – Red tribe
Trall Trollripper – Blue tribe

Floki makes his way up the mountain until he reaches the chieftain camp. There he introduces himself as Floki the Untamed of the Wolf Tribe. He tells them that he is there to join the horde. The chieftains accept his offer, but first Floki must meet the Masters. Floki offers ale to cement the deal. They talk for a bit and then Barver finally takes Floki to go see the Masters.

Heading into the cavern, Floki comes face to face with the phaerimm. Barver introduces the half orc and says that he wishes to join the horde. The phaerimm asks Floki to show his worth, which Floki then goes into a grand epic of his journey and battles. The phaerimm say they are pleased and say that the Wolf Tribe is welcome. Barver takes Floki’s hand as brother and they leave to go feast and drink.

At this point, the rest of the group makes their way into the horde, using stealth and invisibility. A little while later, they make their way to the chieftain encampment where they find Floki in midcombat with the chieftains.

Round 1
Floki insults Trall. Trall swings with bladed gauntlet (miss). Floki grapples Trall. Floki then pushes Trall into the bonefire (6). Barver battle cry, glaive floki bonus shield action (miss). Ugmark reaver floki (14 slashing) reaver floki (14 slashing).

Round 2
Floki rage push barver into fire (3) push Ugmark into fire (6). Trall bladed gauntlet floki (miss) bladed gauntlet floki (24 slashing). Ugmark reaver floki (miss) (miss). Barver glaive floki (14 slashing) glaive floki (14 slashing).

Round 3
Jord comes out of invisibility sword disarming Trall (20, disarmed) sword Trall (6) sword Trall (miss). Ruby hide comes out of invisibility arrow orc (dead). Floki Barver axe (24) (23). Laren stays invisbility. Trall draws sword gives battle cry sword on floki portents of 4 (miss). Ugmark reaver floki (24) reaver floki (14). Cage heals floki stays of invisibility (50). Kalenthor stays invisibility. Barver glaive floki (14) glaive floki (14). Orcs (floki 9, floki 9).

Round 4
Jord sword Trall (9) sword Trall (8) goad Trall (17, goaded). Ruby arrow orc (dead) hide. Floki axe Barver (20) (20, dead). Laren stays invisibility. Trall sword jord (miss) (miss). Ugmark reaver Floki (miss) (miss). Cage leaves invisibility hammer orc (dead) pick orc (dead) hammer orc (dead). Kalenthor stays invisibility.

Round 5
Jord sword Trall (10, dead) sword orc (dead) sword orc (miss). Ruby arrow orc (dead) hide. Floki axe Ugmark (15) (20, dead). The rest of the orcs are slain.

Floki stands victorious over the chieftains with their heads in his hand.



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