Stolen Paradox

Session 50

Phaerimm Showdown

The group gathers themselves and heads down into the cave where the phaerimm await the group for the deadly showdown.

Round 1
Jord move throwing axe C Ph (4) throwing axe C Ph (4). Ruby arrow C Ph (23) hide. Floki move hand axe C Ph (8) hand axe C Ph (4). K Ph phantasmal killer floki (failed save, 32). Laren sacred flame M Ph (saved). M Ph prismatic spray Jord (orange failed 40 acid, blue saved 18 cold) Floki (blue saved 21 cold) Cage (red saved 23) Laren (yellow failed 32 lightning) Ruby (violet saved) Kalenthor (blue failed 42 cold). Kalenthor prismatic spray (M blue saved 20, C blue failed 34, K yellow failed x2 70). C Ph phantasmal killer jord failed (frightened 32). Cage moves.

Round 2
Jord (14 from pk saved) superior healing potion. Ruby arrow C Ph (29) hide. Floki (15 from pk saved) delay. K Ph confusion on Floki (saved), Jord (saved), Cage (saved). Laren mass heal Floki, Jord, Cage (11). M Ph power word stun laren (failed). Kalenthor web C Ph and M Ph. C Ph confusion on Floki (saved), Jord (failed), Cage (saved). Cage lay on hands floki (50)

Round 3
Jord (confusion, no actions, saved). Ruby arrow C Ph (62) hide. Floki rage jump attack C Ph axe (66, dead). K Ph kalenthor phantasmal killer (saved). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph prismatic spray (countered by kalenthor). Kalenthor telekenesis floki on top of M Ph and Floki grapples. Cage hold.




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