Stolen Paradox

Session 51

Narrow Victory

Deep into the depths of the battle against the phaerimm, the heroes have killed one of the mighty phaerimm adults. However, another adult and the elder stills remains and they remain high above their reach while casting devastating spells.

Round 4
Jord commander strike ruby arrow M Ph from hidden (38). Ruby hidden arrow M Ph (37). Floki axe M Ph (22) axe M Ph (14). K Ph chain lightning floki (27), cage (27), kalenthor (27), jord (0). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph power word stun kalenthor (stunned). Kalenthor stunned (failed). Cage double moves to Laren.

Round 5
Jord moves to Kalenthor and takes bow and arrows and moves away. Ruby arrow M Ph hides (miss). Floki axe M Ph (20) axe M Ph (24). K Ph phantasmal killer floki (saved). Laren (failed, stunned). M Ph move misty step acid splash floki (7). Kalenthor (saved). Cage drags Laren closer to the combat.

Round 6
Jord commander strike Ruby arrow (40) jord arrow M Ph (shield, miss). Ruby hidden arrow M Ph (25). Floki rage jump axe M Ph (21). K Ph phantasmal killer Ruby (39+frightened). Laren (saved). M Ph prismatic spray Jord (40 cold) Floki (40 lightning) Cage (40 lightning) Laren (saved) Ruby (evasion, saved) Kalenthor (petrification failed restrained). Kalenthor polymorph K Ph (shark) falls to the ground (8/22) (saved vs. petrification). Cage moves to Ruby.

Round 7
Jord commander strike ruby arrow M Ph (18, dead). Ruby saves. Kalenthor (failed, saved, saved). Laren casts divine word and the K Ph in shark polymorph (fails, dies).

The group returns to Illusk where they find Jeriah busy at work. He thanks the group for defeating the phaerimm. He then turns over his parchments on the Veil of the Silver Line Ritual. He then tells the group to relax for the evening for in the morning, the orcs will invade and he must defend the town.

Laren tells the group about their last set of destinations. From here they must travel to five locations to steal the rest of Lloth’s portfolio including Chaos, Spiders, Darkness, Drow, and Evil. They must go to the final construction of the Twisted Tower, then they head to the Skyfire War, and then 4th Crown War, the 2nd Crown War, and the 1st Crown War.



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