Stolen Paradox

Session 52

A Twisted Predicament

The group takes in the news of what must be done next. They must travel to the year -2,549 DR and to the land that the future would call Shadowdale. The mission is to find the lesser Goddess called Kiaransalee and ensure that her divine essence is taken by someone or something other than Lolth. During the original timeline, the tower was assaulted by Selvetarm at the order or Lolth. He takes down Kiaransalee and takes her portfolio of Chaos and gifts it to Lolth.

The issue the group has is trying to figure out how to obtain the divine essence and what to do with it. The eventually agree that they can’t let Selvetarm have it and so they settle on stealing it and hiding it. They also have to be careful that the divine essence is stolen and the Tower falls in order to preserve time.

The group decides to first head to Evereska in the year 1477. There they go to speak with Erevan of the Knaves of the Missing Page. They want to ask him what sort of items or artifacts could be used to store divine essence. He says he will need time and resources and asks the group to acquire several tomes from a drow merchant in Waterdeep. The group agrees and heads out.

After a quick trip to Waterdeep, where the group purchases the books and then heads back to Everska and speak with Erevan. He tells them that the Crescent Blade won’t be able to siphon the power of a god, but he does give the group some alternatives.

Aermshar “Moonshadow” (last seen north of Evereska in 1369)
The Soldier’s Blade (lost shadowdale 1347)
ArtBlade (lost 711 in Myth Drannor by Josidiah Starym)
Ruler’s Blade (Miritar 1477)
Heart of the Widow (crystal infused with the tears of forgotten goddess, lost in Chult in 1275)
Crown of Seven Stars (original crown of Myth Drannor, lost 711 by Starym)

The group first heads to Myth Drannor to speak with Miritar. The guards recognize the group’s names and lead them into the city and to the main keep where they gain audience with Miritar. They explain vaguely that they need an object to siphon the power of a god’s divine essence. Kalenthor asks if she is willing to part with, but she is hesitant. The blade is specific as to who wields it. One would need to go through the Blade-rite, which tests the skill, character, and reasoning.

After a round of discussion, the group decides to first go after Soldier’s Blade, which is last believed to be in the hands of the Zhents, circa 1347 when they attacked Miritar.



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