Stolen Paradox

Session 53

The Soldier's Blade

After a round of discussion, the group decides to first go after Soldier’s Blade, which is last believed to be in the hands of the Zhentarim, circa 1347 when they attacked Miritar leaving the Twisted Tower.

Using the Time Tear, the group travels through time to the assault. There they arrive just in time to ambush the Zhentarim after they make their attack on a unsuspecting Miritar and are traveling back home along the road.

Round 1
Floki rage moves and attacks V1 axe (22) V1 axe (22/44). Ruby V4 arrow (42) hide. Cage move to attack V1 sword (18/62) V1 pick (54/dead). Jord double moves to V2. Mage time stop, then casts delayed blast fireball (16d6), fire shield, mage armor, mirror image. Priest casts Harm on Cage (failed save 56). V2 three attacks Jord (20). V3 and V4 move to flank the casters. Laren sacred flame Priest (19). K1 rally cry and move. K2 move attack Cage (18, 19, 16). Kalenthor reverse gravity counterspell failed, priest, mage, V3, K1, V4 effected.

Round 2
Floki K2 axe (15,miss). Ruby arrow V4 (30/dead) hide. Cage K2 sword (19) pick (18) sword (20). Jord shield bash V2 failed sword (16) commander strike ruby V2 (45/61) sword V2 (12/dead) and then moves to the DBF bead. Mage fireball on Cage, Floki, Jord (12d6, 66) and then stops concentration on DBF on Cage, Floki, Jord (17d6, 90). Priest firestorm (58) Cage, Floki, Jord. V3 hold. Laren Heal (80). Knight (15, 30, 45). Kalenthor feeblemind (20, feeble).

Round 3
Floki (7 fire damage) moves out of fire then axe K2 (18) axe K2 (39). Ruby hide arrow K2 (28). Cage (9 fire damage) stand up sword K2 (14) pick K2 (16) sword K2 (19). Jord (8 fire damage) move out of fire ready action. Mage feeble. Priest greater restoration on mage. V3 hold. Laren mass cure (17). K1 holds. Kalenthor drops concentration, evard’s black tentacles.



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