Stolen Paradox

Session 55

Divine Thief

Round 1
SK1 necrotic bean Jord (17). Jord moves in and swings sword Sk1 (12, miss, miss). Floki moves rage axe SK1 (miss, 47). Sk3 moves to Floki spear (17, 24) necrotic blast (9). Laren sacred flame Sk1 (saved). Cage moes Sk3 blade (16) blade (20). Ruby hidden moves arrow Sk3 (33). Kalenthor moves acid splash Sk3 Sk2 (10). Sk2 move to Cage spear (24, 23) necrotic blast (7).

Round 2
Sk1 spear floki (miss, miss) necrotic blast (15). Jord sword Sk1 (12, 9, 14). Floki Sk1 axe (miss, dead). Sk3 spear floki (miss, miss) necrotic blast (8). Laren heals Cage (21). Cage blade SK3 (miss, 20) avenger sk3 (18). Ruby arrow Sk2 (miss) hide. Kalenthor Sk2 Sk3 acid splash (miss, 10 dead). Sk2 spear Cage (24, 14) necrotic blast (18).

Round 3
Jord Sk2 sword (miss, miss, 11). Floki axe Sk2 (14, 18, prone). Laren cure Cage (23). Cage Sk2 blade (13, miss) avenger (smite 40). Ruby arrow Sk2 (30, dead).

Round 4
Kiaransalee enters the room and demands to know what is going on. Ruby tries to shoot her in the face, but misses.

Round 5
Kiar summons her simulacrum. Both move into range. Ruby Kiar2 arrow (miss) hide. Kiar2 LA bite Floki (3+19). Floki rage axe Kiar2 (miss, prone 23). Kiar1 LA bite Floki (8+12). Jord moves to Kiar2 (16, 15, 9). Kalenthor casts evard’s black tentacles. Kiar1 LA bite Jord (19). Laren heal spell on Floki. Cage moves to Kiar2 blade (smite 37, smite 42) avenger (smite 27) actions urge blade kiar2 (smite 33, smite 34).

Round 6
Kiar evads (saved). Kiar1 attack jord (miss, 24). Kiar2 attack cage (29, 26). Ruby arrow Kiar2 (31) hide. Floki rage axe (21, 23). Kiar1 LA mist move. Jord sword Kiar2 (miss, 10, 14). Kiar2 LA chain lightning (countered). Kalenthor mistry step move, hill touch kiar2 chill touch (immune necrotic, can’t heal until Kal’s next turn). Kiar1 LA bite Laren (22). Laren heal Cage (80). Cage blade Kiar2 (smite 67, smite 38, defeated).

Kiaransalee’s body shatters into hundreds point of lights, which is then sucked up into the Soldier’s Blade. The group is then able to quickly leave the Twisted Tower.



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