Stolen Paradox

Session 58

End of Her Reign

The battle against Xamara continues as the group desperately tries to counter the manifested powers of a Goddess.

Round 2
X flying sword Jord (miss, 53) cure self (70). Laren cure wounds Jord (19). Floki (14 from aura) rage axe on X (16, 19). Ruby bow sneak on X (53). X LA teleports. Kalenthor feeblemind (23, fail, legendary save to save). X LA bow Jord (46). Jord second wind (18) move (30 from aura) sword (miss, 10,9). X LA heal (70). Cage move (15 from aura) sword (miss, miss, hit/shied).

Round 3
X flying sword Jord (51, miss) aoo (jord miss, cage miss) bow on jord (39, saved, down). Laren heal Jord (70). Floki move (save 12 from aura) rage axe on X (hit/shield, prone, 25). X LA teleport. Ruby sneak arrow (44) hide. Kalenthor (aura 16) cast polymorph (fail, legendary save). X LA bow Cage (41, saved). Jord move (aura 34) sword (miss, 15, 9). X LA heal (70). Cage move (aura 39) sword on X (miss, crit 4th lvl smite 17+30, crit 3rd smite 19+18) action surge lay on hands (60).

Round 4
X flying sword cage (53, 56, cage down) aoo (jord miss floki 21) bow jord (53, down saved). Laren mass cure (28). X LA bow floki (42, saved). Floki (aura 12) rage axe on X (19, 17). X LA heal (40). Ruby sneak arrow on X (36) hide failed. X LA teleports. Kalenthor fireball (17). X LA bow ruby (51, saved). Jord commander’s strike Ruby (13, dead).

Xamara drops dead and her body begins to slowly disintegrate. Laren quickly uses his magic to pull Kurstan’s avatar, a hourglass, to their time to draw the divine essence from Xamara into the object. Laren then tells the group that they now needs to go back to the future and intersect the hourglass at the moment Kurstan dies in the future in order to prevent his death. The group leaves the ziggurat to heal before heading to the year 1500.



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