Stolen Paradox

Session 6

Unwanted Pregnacy

The group looked to one another as the horror of their situation settled upon their minds. Ruby and Kalenthor were impregnated by the slaad and the mage’s extensive but scattered memories could not recall what the solution to their problem was. It wasn’t until Cage remembered reading that slaad all had a gem buried deep within their brains that allowed a wielder to control them. Jord then pointed out that there were tracks of a slaad that attacked the caravan. Without the gem, Ruby and Kalenthor would surely die a horrible death within six hours.

Now with a mission at hand, the group prepared to set out to track down their only hope. First they went to the captives and sent them back to New Tilverton, promising them that the rest of the half day trip should be clear of monsters. The group then set off back into the Stonelands.

Their travels took them to a ravine five hours later where they found the red slaad busy consuming the remains of some sort of animal. Feeling nauseous, Ruby and Kalenthor insisted that the group hurry and get the gem as the time was coming.

With no attempts at being stealthy, the slaad noticed the groups approach and charge. While it covered the distance, Ruby took cover and fired off an arrow, while Jord and Maxim charged to meet the abomination head on. Jord hit the slaad with his axe, but not before it was able to strike Maxim with his infectious claws and then biting Cage with his large maw. Kalenthor then splashed the creature with acid, only to find that it had an inherent resistance to magic. Cage, on the other hand, found that his divine smite worked just fine and struck a mighty blow.

Switching tactics, Kalenthor picked up a crossbow and shot the slaad in the neck, but still did not topple the abomination. The rest of the group went to work, Jord and Maxime slashes away more flesh, while Ruby sunk an arrow into its thigh. Cage then called upon Mystra once again and smited the slaad chest. It raised its head and screamed at the sky, providing Ruby an open opportunity to put an arrow into its exposed chest, dropping it to the ground mortally wounded.

Without wasting any more precious time, Maxim quickly went to work to remove the control gem from the slaad’s head. Just as he started to crack the skull, Cage pointed out to the cleric that in order for this to work, the slaad needed to remain alive for the process. Now needing to be more precise, Maxim went to work carefully slicing opening the skull and prodding around for the gem. Seven minutes later, he carefully extracted the control gem from the brain and gave a big grin.

With their salvation in hand he tried to use the gem, but nothing happened. Kalenthor, now feeling the baby slaad inside him starting to move around, pointed out that it might be a magical item and Maxim needed to attune to it first. And so the group waited for an hour as the magic between item and user conjoined. Meanwhile Ruby and Kalenthor grew steadily worse.

When the attunement was complete, Maxim opened his eyes to see Kalenthor and Ruby both lying down and screaming in pain as their bellies were extended and moving as something inside them tried desperately to get free. Without wasting any more time, the cleric of Tempus raised the control gem and ordered the baby slaad inside of them to die. The movement in their bellies ceased and the two patients gave a sigh of relief.

WIth the crisis over, the adult slaad finally stirred from its near death experience as its body finally repaired the damage done to it from the fight with the adventurers. Quick on his feet, Maxim used the control gem to take control over the slaad and asked it what it was doing here. It responded that it was here to cause chaos. The group discussed the possibility of using a slaad slave to help them in Krast’amar, but ultimately decided that such a creature was better destroyed than kept around.

Since Maxim held the control gem, the slaad could do nothing as the group executed it. When the deed was done and its source dead, the control gem crumbled to dust.



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