Stolen Paradox

Session 7

Time Tears

Once safely back in New Tilverton, the adventurers took a much needed break from their travels to recover and restock their supplies. Ruby headed off to Walthis Everstone to give him some money, while Maxim used his new found gold to purchase a small plot of land and began construction of a shrine to Tempus.

Kalenthor, meanwhile, began researching the finger bone portal key in hopes of figuring out different locations that it could lead to. Over the course of the day, he goes through several locations that lead across the entire breadth of Faerun, but none of them seem to be linked to the location of Talthar Everstone. Frustrated that he hasn’t found anything useful, he storms out of the library for a much needed drink.

At the tavern he runs into Ruby who is nursing a drink of her own. She asks him how his research was going and Kalenthor explained that it would take several tendays to research all of the possible locations. He then also lets it slip that doing the book work was tedious and boring and that what he really wanted to do was go to the places instead as it would be quicker than deciphering the runes. Not able to resist a chance of exciting adventure, Ruby agrees.

The next day, the group gathers together and Kalenthor explains to the group that they will be physically checking on the locations to save time. Jord, Maxim, and Cage are curious as to the change in plan, but decide to go along with the idea. When asked what location they should go to first, Maxim picks to runes at random and opens the portal.

When the group steps out of the portal, they found themselves in a ruined building of black stone. The sky was dark and a storm was brewing above their heads and the wind howled fiercely. As the group began to look around to try and figure out where they were, Ruby decided to climb up to the top of the building to get a layout of the area. What she found was a walled city that sat on the north and south sides of a large river. The north side where she was looked abandoned and completely in ruin. On the south side of the river was another ruined city, but there were also a few ships moored at the docks and lights could be seen in some parts of the city.

Ruby climbed her way back down and told the group of her findings. Still not sure where they were, they decided to explore the area. Kalenthor started with a Detect magic spell to see if anything interesting came into view. As he scanned over the area, he spotted something glowing across the street.

The group carefully made their way down the street to the glow and found the body of a half drow woman dressed in dark leathers. Something on her person was giving off the glow and upon further examination, they found a blue stone no larger than an orange that gave off. a mixture of Transmutation and Divination magic.

Before they could investigate further, a creature attacked from the shadows. It was medium sized green bodied creature that was roughly in a cone shape with several thin and bony legs and four spinally arms. Where the head should have been was just a large maw filled with rows of sharp teeth. It went for Jord first, raking him with claws and taking a bite out of his arm. Jord countered with a swipe of his axe. The battle was then joined as Maxim cast spiritual weapon to aid them while Ruby fired off an arrow. Kalenthor tried to use acid, but the creature resisted the magic.

WIth pain in his arm from the bite, Jord was unable to score a hit with his second swing as the creature pulled back. It then opened its large mouth and spewed a shadow laced fire over Jord and Maxim, burning them both and setting them ablaze. Unrelenting, Maxim swung his sword and missed, but opened up a flank attack for his spiritual hammer to strike true. The creature howled in pain, giving Maxim time to make a second swing, this time stabbed the creature in the body. Ruby then scored hit with her arrow, while Kalenthor decided to switch to more punishing magic and let loose a swarm of magic missiles.

With the battle in full swing, the group pressed harder, scoring several hits from blade, arrow and magic missiles. The creature tried to breathe another cloud of shadow fire catching only Jord, but it was enough to knock him to the ground. While Maxim focused on healing his fallen companion, Ruby and Kalenthor both focused fire on the creature with arrows and magic missiles until it finally dropped to the ground dead.

WIth the battle over, the group took a moment to catch their breath from the near death experience. Kalenthor then explained that the creature was a phaerimm, an aberration that came to Faerun about the same time as the Shadow Enclave. They were magical creatures known to be able to lay wastes to scores of soldiers. That said, the one they encountered must have been a child at best for them to have survived.

Not wanting to stick around for another of the phaerimm to show up, the group quickly departed after Maxim grabbe the dead half drow’s pack. Upon returning to the portal pool, Kalenthor went about fully identifying the stone. When he was finished, he discovered that it was called a Time Tear and that it held the power to rewind time for the wielder. Awed by the power the item held, he told the group what it was. At the same time, Maxim was busy looking through the pack of the dead half drow to find some loose coins and a silver holy symbol. When he held it up into the moon light, he saw that it was a circle with an hourglass. It was a holy symbol for the god of time, Kurstan.



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