Stolen Paradox

Session 9

Finding the Sacrifice

Knowing that they were in no condition to press on looking for Talthar, the group held up in an abandoned ruined building within the southern edge of Krast’amar for the day. While resting, they discussed what to do next. After a long discussion, it was agreed that they would try and find Talthar by stealth and then break him out without getting spotted. The hope was to do so without getting caught so they coudl sneak in and out without having to fight the entire Shadovar army. If they could, then they would make flight to New Tilverton as fast as they could to deliver the son and then warn Cormyr of the impending invasion.

When the group was finally well rested, it was nighttime again in Krast’amar. The moonlight was shining down onto the training field at the center of the city where drow and shade orcs continued their drills for the upcoming war. Relying on stealth, the group made a wide track around the training field to investigate the northern portion of the city. Once they were past the field, they began looking around for more clues about what was going on and where Talthar might be located. It was during their search that Kalenthor and Jord stumbled into a patrol of two orcs and a drow.

The battle was swift and brutal as the patrol was lax in their awareness having never encountered anything dangerous within Krast’amar during their stay. When the fighting was over, only the drow warrior was left living by the group. A few moments later, when it was apparent that no one else heard the sounds of their combat, the group dragged the wounded drow into an abandoned building and began questioning him about what was going on.

After some convincing, the drow explained to the group that Matron Mother Sirta of House Zivaar were the ones camped in Krast’amar and were responsible for kidnapping Talthar. The Matron Mother’s goal was to sacrifice the man for some greater purpose that he doesn’t know. He then told them that Talthar was being kept at the mansion on the northern edge of the city.

With the information gained, the group left the drow tied up and headed north to the mansion. Once it was in sight, Ruby snuck off to case the building and look for clues. She noticed the front garden area was filled with soldiers in formation as if they were undergoing inspection. On the first floor of the mansion she found a few drow moving about hastily as if preparing for something important. On the second floor she noticed a ballroom that held four drow as well as a human man. Guessing that the man was Talthar, she quickly left and headed back to the group to tell them what she found.

Fearing that the sacrifice was about to begin, the group quickly made their way to the mansion, making a long loop around to the back side of the building so they could scale the back wall and access the ballroom directly in order to avoid the soldiers out front. Yet, as they tried to sneak inside, Jord’s armor scrapped against the edge of the window and alerted the drow to the group’s presence. With Ruby and Kalenthor already inside and Maxim and Cage still on the rope, the adventures found themselves in a compromising situation.



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