Stolen Paradox

Session 60

Big Damn Ending

The battle with Lolth continues…

Round 6
Cage ends Crown of Madness with his paladin ability on Ruby. Kalenthor flies and then prismatic spray on Lolth (failed, 30 acid). Laren moves, heals Jord (30). LA Lolth uses Dance My Puppet on Floki to move to Kurstan. Floki moves. Jord attacks twice on Lolth (15, 12) commander strike with Ruby (55). LA Lolth casts Firestorm, countered by Kalenthor. Lolth sword twice on Jord (22, 27) pincer jord (11, 7, 9, 8) stinger Kalenthor (13, 0 poison). Ruby fails to hide, arrow on Lolth (13).

Round 7
Cage crits (due to Kalenthor divining) lolth with sword 4th level smite (79) 3rd level smite (30) sword (miss). LA Lolth harm Kalenthor (25). Kalenthor dimension door to Floki and pulls him away. Laren greater restoration on Floki. Floki attack Lolth (23) (21). La Lolth teleports. Lolth sword Ruby (12, 19) pincer Ruby (5, 4, 11, 7) stinger Ruby (24). Ruby ring of invisibility moves and hides.

Round 8
Cage lay on hands on Jord (40). LA Lolth casts Firestorm counter by Kalenthor countered by Lolth (57). Kalenthor feeblemind legendary save. Laren heals Jord (22). Floki axe Lolth (21, 25). Jord commander strike floki on Lolth (24) Jord sword Lolth (miss, 13). LA Lolth sword on jord (36, 19). Lolth sword Floki (15, 27) pincers (4,9,7,7,11,16,11,11) stinger floki (19+26). Ruby arrow Lolth (40) fails to hide.

Round 9
Cage moves sword Lolth crit 3rd smite (65) sword crit 3rd smite lolth (49) sword 2nd level smite (39, dead).

Lolth crumbles to the ground, dead from the onslaught of attacks from the heroes. With the combat over, Kurstan finally stirs and rises to his feet. He looks wounded from his earlier battle, bit presses on and heads over to the group and the fallen Drow Goddess. He nods his thanks to the heroes before reaching out and touching Lolth on the forehead. Her body begins to slowly disintegrate into pinpoints of light as the God of Time absorbs her divine energy until there is nothing left of her. Once Lolth’s body is gone, the apocalypse that surrounded them vanishes and is replaced by a peaceful and normal looking land of Toril as time changes itself to fit the new timeline.

Kurstan then turns to the group. “Thank you for what you have done. The world and the people within in owe you all a debt of gratitude. As payment for your deeds, I offer each of you a gift. Some of the divine power of Lolth is…not agreeable to me and thus, I shall turn it over to one of you to do with as you please. Just remember that with divie power comes responsibility. You may not be a full fledged god, but more of a demigod, but the road is now open to you to ascend or not. Choose your fate.”

Floki quickly choose the domain of Destruction and asked to be returned to his own time to rejoin his people. Ruby, with a sly smile, took the domain of Assassins. Kalenthor, considering his options, decided on the rather appropriate Chaos domain. Cage, feeling confident that Mystra would not mind, took the domain of Darkness. For Jord, the options of Spiders and Evil did not sit well with him and when he asked what he could have as a gift instead of a domain, Kurstan gave a personal prayer to Jord for a long and blessed life.

The group then said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Floki returned back to his time and Jord settled down in a little town to live out his long and blessed life. Kalenthor, Cage, and Ruby, on the other hand, were whisked away back to the height of the Elven War in the late 1300s. Now armed with their new powers, the trio looks to reverse the fate that felled then last time. But that is another story for another time.



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